Class 1


Some of the beginner Projects and Outcomes include:

Storytelling & Animation with code, Game Development, Game Dev with AI, Publish platform game Coding Fundamentals, Coding basics with JavaScript Mobile App Dev, App Design (UI/UX) & Development principles, Publish mobile app to PlayStore AI with JS (Chatbots), AI, Machine Learning, and NLP, Publish Chatbot like Alexa/Siri

Some of the Intermediate Projects and Outcomes include:

Game Development, AI, Game Dev with AI, Mobile App Dev, App Design (UI/UX) & Development principles, AI with JS (Chatbots), Publish mobile app to PlayStore 3D math and physics, spatial geometry, vector arithmetic, 3D/VR Coding, Publish 3D/VR apps + games Coding deep dive, algorithms and data structures AI & Machine Learning foundation, AI with JS (Chatbots), Publish AI Chatbot (Alexa/Siri), Artificial Intelligence with webcam motion sensing

Some of the advanced Projects and Outcomes include:

Algorithmic thinking for real-world applications, Advanced algorithms with Python Publish multiple 3D/VR games, Publish mobile apps to PlayStore, Events / UI, Conditionals, Complex Loop, Logic Structures, Loops, conditionals, lists, functions & Numpy Array, Make AI-based Games Web Development, Mobile App Dev, AI Chatbots, 3D/VR Coding, AI with Python, Publish AI Chatbot (Alexa/Siri), Game Dev with AI Sequence, Fundamentals Coding Blocks, Loops, Advanced Math: 3D Geometry, spatial reasoning, 3D physics, 3D Math, Physics Engine, and Coding for immersive VR Games Publish the biographical website and e-commerce platform AI with Python, AI & Data Science deep-dive, Machine Learning for Self-driving cars, AI with JS (Chatbots), Data Processing & Analytics (Classification & Forecasting, Forecasting applications Searching Exo-Planets Earth Observation)