What exactly is MERN Stack

MERN lies behind four technologies known as MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS. It allows you to be a full-stack, front-end, and back-end developer. Javascript is a must for those who want to be a MERN stack developer. 

  1. MongoDB: It is written in C++ and is an open-source NoSQL database. 

  2. Express JS: Rather than writing lengthy codes using Node JS, it helps to make the back-end code simple and easy. 

  3. React JS: It is a front-end Javascript library that helps to create user interfaces.  

  4. Node JS: It allows the user to run their code on the server and provides a Javascript environment. 

The three pillars of MERN are the front end display, the back end display, and the database tier. The upcoming future is waiting for the MERN developers. MERN developers industries is a hub of brilliant minds. Since more and more applications are in Javascript, there is increased demand for MERN developers. 

Last Updated on Wed, 02-Feb-2022